TR03 三角支架
2.【灵活的鹅颈臂】可以任意方向调整。360 度旋转夹,这款懒人手机支架可以调节到最佳视角。
4.【兼容性强】支架的最大宽度为 7.6 厘米,深度为 1.3 厘米。兼容大多数屏幕尺寸为 4-6.5 英寸的手机。
三角支架 *1
Superb for portability
I bought this tripod for my Gosky 12X55 monocular in order to take steady long-distance photos whilst attaching my smartphone to the eyepiece, whether doing this from a window sill indoors or in the great outdoors. This little tripod is excellent for this purpose for three reasons: the telescopic legs are sturdy and stay firmly in place (my previous tripod kept collapsing due to the weight of the monocular and phone); once screwed into the monocular base, it stays firmly in place and there is zero wobble (unlike two other tripods I've used); and collapsed down, it measures 11cm X 3cm, which means it takes up hardly any space in my bag whilst travelling. Obviously, as this is a mini tripod, you need a high surface to stand it on, but this is more practical whilst on hikes than walking around with a full-sized, three-foot camera tripod. I totally recommend this.
Stable and space-saving
I put a round light on the tripod, which is on the desk, to illuminate a green screen. The three-legged frame is small and therefore fits on every desk. If the small tripod is equipped with a little longer, it is quite unstable, but it is extremely useful for small round lights or the like! really recommendable for use with a circular light on the desk if you don't have much space to illuminate your YouTube videos or streams, for example.
Michael Hutter
Stable table tripod + perfect children's toy
The tripod is sturdy and does exactly what it should.
The 3 feet can be pulled out twice and the ball joint at the top can be continuously adjusted and then determined, with which any inclination can be set.
The main use for me, however, is to give my children something to "play" with.
If small children are supposed to sit still for 20 minutes, it is not so easy (e.g. during church services). In such cases this table tripod offers a remedy. It has a number of moving parts and thus the potential to mentally challenge children and "keep them quiet". It sounds strange - but it has worked for me> 20 times.
I would buy this tripod again for the reasons mentioned above (I already have two of them).
Kuklin Artem
Optimal zur Webcam-Verwendung
I bought this tripod for a Spedal webcam because attaching it directly to the laptop is not always the optimal viewing angle.
The tripod can be adjusted very easily and well and the angle can therefore be adjusted very well.
The thread works smoothly and once set everything stays where it should.
In terms of price, it is not a huge investment - therefore, in terms of price / performance, it is absolutely in order and recommended.
GoPro用の新しい小さな三脚が必要でした。 品質にはとても満足しています。 足を少し引き抜くことができるので、少し長くすることができます。 小さなGoProに最適です。
Sert son objectif
En tant que photographe amateur, j'ai eu de nombreux trépieds dans ma main. Cela a été volontairement acheté pour une webcam ou un smartphone (adaptateur simple supplémentaire requis). Petit, léger, à la bonne taille, s'adapte.
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