TR02 悬臂支架
1.【强兼容性】内置 1/4" 螺纹和转盘,可旋转 360 度适合所有 1/4" 螺丝网络摄像头,也适用于手机,可用作手机支架。
3.【独特结构】360 度旋转桌面安装网络摄像头 C 型夹:适合桌子、餐具柜、床,最大厚度为 5.2 厘米(2 英寸)。
4.【网络摄像头支架长度】单个剪刀臂支架长度为 13.78 英寸/35 厘米,可旋转 165 度,最大垂直范围为 32.7 英寸/83 厘米。
5.【套件包括】1 个带 1/4 英寸螺丝的桌面臂架,1 个圆形支撑底座,1 个球头,1 个手机夹。
臂长:最大 21.9 英寸/55.5 厘米
直径:6.1 英寸/15.5 厘米
带 1/4" 螺丝的桌臂支架 *1
圆形支撑底座 *1
球头 *1
手机夹 *1
Initial impressions: Very happy
This arrived today. I just unboxed it. Initial impressions: VERY HAPPY with purchase.
The whole things seems well made and sturdy.
Base is 4" diameter and made of a metal - so it is solid and heavy.
With the camera mount - and without the gooseneck - height is adjustable from 9" to 12.5" (the gooseneck would add an extra 7.5" if straight up). The gooseneck section is sturdy too; I think it could support something like an iPhone XR. We just intend to use it for a Spedal C920 webcam - which is pretty light. But it is still great that this thing is constructed well and no instability or tipping.
The camera mount has a ball-and-socket joint which adjusts well, and has a decent screw to lock it in place.
Yup, no complaints at all. Happy!
Stephen D Pearl
Exactly what the Webcam needed! A little more height and a lot more adjustability.
I purchased this stand to solve a pervasive problem with video calls for work...
I hate people staring up my nostrils when I'm on my webcam.
Oh yeah, and when I look down they can see that I need to lose a few pounds. The double-chin thing is a tad embarrassing. (Yeah, yeah, I'm going to cut down on the carbs...)
So I purchased this stand, set it about 5 inches higher than the lid of my laptop, and voila! No more double-chin and no more staring up my nostrils.
Stable. Fully adjustable. Does the trick. Great price.
What's not to like?
Provides many options for my desktop webcam, will also hold my Note8 phone
So far I really like this desktop webcam stand. This has a weighted base to keep it steady, an adjustable height pole & an additional flexible neck for added height and camera angle options.
If you create content where you want the camera to be close & overhead of what you are doing, I think this will work well with smaller web cams & even a GoPro. For heavier cameras or lighting the flexible goose neck may not be stiff enough. It does hold my Note8 at an angle using a phone camera mount (not included), but the weight of that seems to be pushing it.
As I have a convertible standing desk the placement, height & angle needs will change depending on how close I want the camera (so it does not show my messy room) and if I am seated or standing. I had previously tried a clamp on long goose neck mount, but that did not work that well for my setup. This seems to really work well for my needs. I can also place this behind my monitors on my desk when I want this out of the way.
Daniel L.
macht Stabilen eindruck
Ich benutzte die Halterung für meine Webcam ( Overkill ) aber damit bin ich in der lage die Kamera flexfrei und Stabil über dem Monitor anzubringen ohne das bei versehentlichen wackeln die kamera verrutscht oder runterfällt.
Was ein Vor und Nachteil gleichermaßen ist, ist die Steifigkeit des Schwanenhals , es ist bestimmt in der lage eine Digital Kamera mit Opjektiv zu halten ohne das diese durchhängt, anderseits ist es nur mit etwas kraftaufwand zu überzeugen die gewünchte Form/Position einzunehmen.
Frederic M.
Support webcam
Que dire ? Ce produit correspond a mes attentes, réglage simple, facilement transportable une fois replié grâce a son sac en jute .
La longueur est suffisante et le système de fixation de la webcam est solide.
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