MC01 麦克风
1.高输出和降噪,内置耳机放大器,使声音的清晰度和细节更加稳定美妙,整体音量更大。 负面的声学影响被最小化。
3.坚固的结构和 360° 旋转,让您可以自由调节麦克风的角度。
4.PLUG & PLAY,免驱动即插即用设计,无需安装任何软件或复杂设置。
USB 数据线长度:1.6m
灵敏度:-36±3dB(1.5V, 680KΩ; 0dB = 1V/Pa, 1KHz)
Windows® XP SP2 或更高版本,
Windows 7/8/10 或更高版本,
Mac OS 10.6 或更高版本。
麦克风 *1
USB数据线 *1
用户手册 *1
Stephen Denagy
Best option by FAR for dictating to Dragon!
Best USB Microphone ever! OK, sounds repetitive. But it is true. While podcasting would be fun, one overlooked use is for dictation. I use Dragon on my Mac. I have spent over $1,000 fruitlessly on microphones from Samson, Phillips SpeechMike, Plantronics, and many others. NONE of them are consistent. I have decided the microphone quality is generally quite poor, as is noise rejection. They are generally poorly directional, having immense shifts in frequency response depending how off axis you are. This radically affects recognition with even a few degrees off axis speech.
The Spedal, on the other hand, is a very high fidelity microphone, it has tunable directionality, and maintains balance when even significantly off axis. I set it on my desk and can dictate with the best fidelity and accuracy I have ever experienced with Dragon. Dragon now is actually useful. looks way cool on my desk!
Best mic for streaming radio stations
Now this has to be the best mic for streaming radio stations. The best I have run into. The one feature we love is the headphone jack built into the mic. If you ever tried to stream through a Windows pc you will notice a delay between your live voice and what goes through the mic. Most radio dj's use headphones when going live. If you have .5 to 1 second delay this can really mess you up. There is no delay when you plug your headphones directly into the mic. The Blue mic seems to be built very well and the sound quality also seems very good. So far so good.
Mike Krattiger
Amazing, but you must invest in accessories to get the most out of it.
I've been eyeballing a real microphone for a while now and I couldn't decide between this and the Blue Snowball. Ultimately, I went with the Blue Yeti Whiteout edition.
If you plan on recording podcasts where the mic doesn't move and you're not banging on the table, typing, or gaming, the mic by itself is great.
But if plan on streaming and/or recording gameplay, EVERYTHING will be heard, which is VERY annoying. You won't be happy with results, I promise you. After a little research, I purchased the Blue Compass branded shock mount, foam windscreen, and boom arm, then everything was 100% perfect. The difference is extremely noticeable with the accessories.
In the end, I'm extremely happy with mic. It beats using my headset mic (although it's pretty good) and I use just about every day. But if you can't afford the minimum accessories, I suggest to wait until you can, so you won't feel disappointed.
Dustin Engelken
Plug and "Play" Mikrofon
Das Spedal MC01 ist ein sehr solides Mikrofon. Direkt an dem Gerät kann man zwischen 4 verschiedenen Modi hin und her wechseln. Ich benutze den frontalen Modus. Es ist etwas üppig und schwer aber wird mit einem sehr guten Ständer geliefert.
Ich habe mir noch ein Mikrofon Arm dazu gekauft und das Spedal MC01 daran montiert. Alles funktioniert einwandfrei.
Ebenfalls hat es einen Stummschalte Knopf direkt am Mikrofon, was vom Vorteil ist.
Ich kann dieses Mikrofon für jeden Anfänger sehr empfehlen.
Hervé de Delle
C'est quoi ce truc ?
Après avoir beaucoup discuté autour du moi et lu plein d'articles, j'ai décidé de sauter le pas et de tester le SPEDAL. C'est quoi le piège ? Comment un micro à 60 euros peut donner un effet aussi propre, à la hauteur de microphones qui font le double, voire le triple du prix. Avec quelques bons réglages, j'ai obtenu d'excellents résultats, de qualité quasi studio. Extraordinaire en podcast, et à confirmer en chant. J'ai pourtant une voix assez medium haut, pas facile à capter, et il a su la saisir nickel.
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